Character Bios

Family Reunion “J” Is available NOW!

  Well, it’s August 23rd and Family Reunion “J” is now available on Amazon in Digital and Printed versions. I want to thank all of you that were instrumental in assisting with making it happen. More importantly I want to thank all you readers out there that have purchased it through pre-order. Check out my […]


Well I have been sick for about a week and I haven’t added any more bio’s for awhile. So here is a new one to start off this week. Parker is the oldest boy in the Brant family and yet he is fifth from the top in order of birth. He was his fathers favorite […]


Barb is Ryan’s oldest sister. She is a Godly woman. She was sixteen when Ryan was born and cared for him much of the time while her mom managed the other kid’s many issues. Ryan actually called her momma more often than not due to all the time she spent with him. She is the […]


Hope is Ryan’s oldest niece by his sister Barb. Hope’s husband Dale, their daughter Diane and her little girl Lila all ride together in their new Lexus. Hopes other daughter Denise runs a food truck and isn’t going to make it to the reunion. Hope is a teacher and Dale is the president of a […]

Ryan’s Route

Here is a start on Ryan’s travels. Before he meets anyone. Click on Map1a & Map1b. Then Map2. Then Map3. This one was a little more challenging. See what you think. We will pick up his travels with Max and Lisa a little later.


Today we get a glimpse into what’s up with Carla. How does she fit in to the Brant family? She is the second daughter of the eldest Brant sibling, Barb. She is Ryan’s niece but is only six years his junior. She is a strong minded individual who has more to offer than most people […]


By Special Request we will look at Maddie today and see how she fits in. Maddie is Ryan’s cousin. Maddie’s mother (Gay) was the adopted sister of Ryan’s mother.  Maddie grew up in the Seattle area and loved horses from an early age. She’s always been a rebel and when she was just sixteen she moved out on her […]


Sarah, poor Sarah. She is Meg’s daughter and is a bit overwhelmed by the whole end of the world thing. Who can blame her? She has lost so much, and let’s face it, raising three kids in an apocalypse is pretty daunting.  She is dedicated, and always has been, to being a good mother. Sarah […]


Meg is the third oldest Brant sister.  Barb and Jean are above her in the pecking order. Ryan is her baby brother and she will always look at him that way. Today we will look into what makes Meg tick. She is a caretaker, a healer, an empath. She is a pillar of her community, […]