Barb is Ryan’s oldest sister. She is a Godly woman. She was sixteen when Ryan was born and cared for him much of the time while her mom managed the other kid’s many issues. Ryan actually called her momma more often than not due to all the time she spent with him. She is the backbone of clan now that mother Brant is gone. She comes from the old-school of thought about marriage and her place in the world. She has supported her family financially as well as spiritually while staying behind her husband. It was a role that she believed in wholeheartedly. However, she runs her family, and protects them, she cleans the pants of the family and wears them well. Her faith in God is tested as the apocalypse occurs, but she never wavers from it. She doesn’t swear, or drink, she never has; she is a virtuous woman above all else.

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