Well I have been sick for about a week and I haven’t added any more bio’s for awhile. So here is a new one to start off this week. Parker is the oldest boy in the Brant family and yet he is fifth from the top in order of birth. He was his fathers favorite but turned to a life that was much different than most of his siblings. He lives modestly in a small rural community where he loves to be out doors, in the woods or out on the Puget Sound counting birds. He is quiet, thoughtful, but with a subtle sense of humor that most people never even notice. He once held back key cards in the trading game “PIT” while the rest of the family screamed at each other trying to gain enough cards to corner the market on any one commodity. (if you never heard of it google “pit” the trading game.) The entire time he sat there with a sly smirk on his face. Parker is a secularist and is an ideologist. He doesn’t believe in God. He does believe that there are enough resources in the world to provide for everyone and is convinced that mankind should share these resources equally. Like most of his siblings he finds it hard to believe that anyone could disagree with him on all of the above. He is has a vast knowledge of the wilderness in the Pacific Northwest and can identify ever mushroom, slug, or bird found there. He thinks he can sing, and that he looks a bit like Robert Redford. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

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