Today we get a glimpse into what’s up with Carla. How does she fit in to the Brant family? She is the second daughter of the eldest Brant sibling, Barb. She is Ryan’s niece but is only six years his junior. She is a strong minded individual who has more to offer than most people suspect. She is loving, kind, and as ferocious as a mother bear where her family is concerned. Carla is the woman that the biblical proverb was written about. “A wife of noble character… She is worth far more than rubies”. Yet she is not some kind of door mat for others to wipe their feet on. Don’t cross her or you may be sorry, no, you will be sorry. The story is not kind to Carla, but she will overcome, we hope. She is all about traditions and keeping them alive. At Christmas she makes cinnamon rolls and delivers them to all the neighbors. She was a teacher who moved on to become an administrator. Carla is an organizer, she has a sharp mind that is being stretched to its utmost limit. The apocalypse is going to test her faith, it will test her ability to persevere through multiple hardships. Can she survive and thrive? Or will she fold in on herself and succumb to madness.

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