By Special Request we will look at Maddie today and see how she fits in. Maddie is Ryan’s cousin. Maddie’s mother (Gay) was the adopted sister of Ryan’s mother.  Maddie grew up in the Seattle area and loved horses from an early age. She’s always been a rebel and when she was just sixteen she moved out on her own. She went to college and became a nurse and worked in Bellingham Washington’s ER for her day job. She has a voice that sends people into another dimension when she sings, which she did regularly at the local bars and nightclubs. She moved to Texas where she quit nursing and went full time with her singing. Maddie never did break through the impassable  gauntlet of the record business but she was always in a band. She went back to school and got her masters and became a Nurse Anesthetist and married. She has one son (Branson 28) who is out on his own and lives in Austin Texas now. She divorced her first husband and just recently met and married Harry Towes. They have a hacienda in southern Texas just north of the Mexican Border. She is an avid horsewoman, she raises highly sought after cutting horses and show horses, her favorite are the appaloosas. She is a full on prepper and has been for quite some time. Her home is equipped with many special features some of which include a solar array capable of supporting her stored emergency food and operation of an endless supply of well water.  She loves all animals and has cows, pigs, and a wide verity of exotic breeds of chickens. She does not beat around the bush, you never have to wonder where you stand with Maddie. You will know!

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