Well, it’s August 23rd and Family Reunion “J” is now available on Amazon in Digital and Printed versions. I want to thank all of you that were instrumental in assisting with making it happen. More importantly I want to thank all you readers out there that have purchased it through pre-order. Check out my facebook page for new contests that will give you a chance to win some cool bling!

I started writing the second book in my series shortly after publishing Family Reunion, however, I was about 18K words in when I realized that it was going to be a long project and a long book.  I decided I would write another short story for my fans to enjoy while I continued to write the second book. So, I sat down with every intention of writing and publishing a 10-20K word story about Ryan’s family back on the east coast. Jay (his wife), Mark (his son), and Auddy (his daughter). At about 15k I thought hmmm, this is going to have to be a long short story, or maybe a novella. The next thing I knew I was approaching 50K. The characters took over and drew me into the story… I couldn’t stop myself. So, Family Reunion “J” ended up at about 82K words (200+ pages). It takes place at the same time as the first book and gives a different perspective of the beginning of the apocalypse. Jay is 49 years old and has been married to Ryan for 26 years, they’re like most couples and have had their ups and downs. Real people with real issue that they deal with on a daily basis. Work, the kids, and their own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Where Ryan is a type A personality, Jay is the exact opposite. He goes out of his way to meet new people, she would rather get poked in the eye with a sharp stick, than to have to stand up and introduce herself to a group.  He says things without thinking, she contemplates her words and their consequences. She’s been in the FBI, but left it in favor of a private sector job as a fingerprint analysis/technician. She has grit, maybe even a bit more than Ryan. If you were to mistake her quiet demeanor as weakness you would be wrong, oh so wrong. If you come between her and her kids, then it’s on you, you will regret it. We don’t learn a lot about Mark in this book (possible book 4?) but we learn quite a bit about his sister Auddy.

Auddy is a confusing and intriguing mix of both Ryan and Jay, and it leads to some conflict. She doesn’t want to be singled out and called upon, but subconsciously draws attention to herself. She can choose a direction and focus in like a laser beam, or drift off the path down a rabbit trail. She is self aware, but like her father she speaks her mind regardless of the outcome. She’ll cuss you for cutting her off in traffic only to forget to turn on her blinker at the next intersection. She has the capability to love hard, but also can carry a grudge. She is not good at hiding her emotions and you usually know when you’ve step over the line just by her demeanor.  Like her mother, she may get mad, but she will damn sure get even. She wants to be loved by everyone and can be the sweetest, most generous, kind hearted, and loving person you’ll ever meet, but god help you if you poke the bear.

Family Reunion “J” has something for everyone. A detailed description of the vaccine and how it was a medical miracle gone wrong; some romance and (blush) some adult interaction;  the small joys in life and the great heartbreak that comes from loving someone.  The people who are affected by the vaccine and turn are a constant threat (they go by many names), but in this book you’ll come to fear your fellow survivors almost, if not more, than the turned.  There will be blood and violence and this book is rated R and is not recommended for your kids(Although I’m sure they’d enjoy it). The main thing remains consistent with my first book… When the Apocalypse happens only one thing matters, Family.



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  1. I wouldn’t say that “it was obvious that something was possessing the missing people and making them kill others” It was fairly obvious that the missing people were killing the next household, but that’s a good thing. It’s exposition without explanatory narrative. Whoever wrote this actually knows how to write.VA:F [1r1(21_1969].f.om 9 votes)

    • Hi Penny! Funny you should ask. Eric A. Shelman is currently working on the audiobook. I would say it will hit the market in April. Thanks for asking… Mark


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