Max is Ryan’s next older brother. He is twice divorced, six foot one inches tall and is three years older than Ryan.  He has his hair dyed Blond and has a foot long pony tail. He is a bull-shitter from way back. He wheels and deals his way through life and when that doesn’t work he fires from the hip. He has two daughters. Trish, his oldest from his first marriage lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her mom, and Lisa his stepdaughter who lives in Arkansas with her husband. He drinks, he smokes, and he swears, with no moderation at all. He spent several years in the army a long time ago, but remembers what he learned there. He lives in southern California where he is a Construction Superintendent for a well-known contracting company. He was a hell raiser in his youth and now he tries to hold the Brant family together. He claims to be the moderate of the family, neither right nor left wing, but to keep the peace he usually just agrees with whichever one of his family he happens to be with at the time. He’s has a tough exterior but a soft heart where his family is concerned.

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