Author: Mark


Sarah, poor Sarah. She is Meg’s daughter and is a bit overwhelmed by the whole end of the world thing. Who can blame her? She has lost so much, and let’s face it, raising three kids in an apocalypse is pretty daunting.  She is dedicated, and always has been, to being a good mother. Sarah […]


Meg is the third oldest Brant sister.  Barb and Jean are above her in the pecking order. Ryan is her baby brother and she will always look at him that way. Today we will look into what makes Meg tick. She is a caretaker, a healer, an empath. She is a pillar of her community, […]

Meg’s Clan

Okay, by request we are going to look into Meg and her clan. How are all these folks related? Well, hindsight being 20-20 I should have done this one first.  I will endeavor to clue you in to how this particular branch of the Brant family tree lays out. Meg is the third oldest sibling in […]


Josh is Ryan’s nephew and is Barb’s oldest son. He’s 45 years old and has had bad luck with women his entire life. Not tall, nor short, ruggedly handsome, and very loyal to his family. His determination to reach the reunion is tested every step of the way. If Josh didn’t have bad luck he […]


Lisa is Ryan’s niece and Max’s stepdaughter. She is five foot six with raven black hair and brown eyes that can smolder or burn holes straight through you if necessary. She has curves in all the right places, not petite but not big boned either.  She’s outgoing like her dad and quick to lay the […]

Max Bryant

Max is Ryan’s next older brother. He is twice divorced, six foot one inches tall and is three years older than Ryan.  He has his hair dyed Blond and has a foot long pony tail. He is a bull-shitter from way back. He wheels and deals his way through life and when that doesn’t work […]

Ryan Brant

Ryan is our main character. He is a six foot two inches tall, 54 years old,  and overweight. He is a computer engineer that is nostalgic for years gone by. He is the youngest of seven kids and is married with two grown children. He is a little paranoid about the government and has recently begun […]